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News Column – On The Grow – Clematis Vines

CLEMATIS VINES – Clematis vines are hardy and sturdy once established yet their look is so graceful and delicate.  They come in many different colors that bloom at different times of the year.  Three things are required for successful vines laden with blooms from base to farthest end.  They need […]

Oak Tree Leaves - Wikipedia

Oak Tree Diseases

Hunt County Master Gardner, Byron Chitwood, writes about Oak Tree Diseases. I attended an oak wilt training session eleven years ago in Granbury.  One of the first questions the instructor asked me was “why are you attending this training session.  The only trees they have in East Texas are pines”.  […]

Hunt County Public Art 2016 Locations Chosen.

Hunt County Public Art 2016 Locations Chosen.

Hunt County Public Art, a Keep Greenville Beautiful program, is seeking applications for our 2016 public art projects. Artists are encouraged to submit their ideas for artwork that will make Hunt County a more vibrant and beautiful place to live. This year 6 spots throughout Greenville and Commerce have been chosen […]

Fall Market is here

Fall Market is here

The fall harvest brings a lot of yummy treats from local gardeners and farmers. The Greenville Farmers market will be open on Saturday from 9 am until noon. Some of the expected items are: Okra Squash – yellow, butternut, zucchini, carnival Sweet potatoes Tomatoes Peppers Watermelon Pumpkins – pie, carving Colorful gourds […]

Third Round of Mosquito Spraying to Begin Tonight

Within the next several hours, and for the third time this week, crews with the City of Greenville’s Public Works Department will be spraying portions of the city for mosquito control and prevention. Municipal Mosquito, who had been contracted by the City to trap and test mosquitos throughout Greenville, informed […]