Author: Jim Satterwhite

Custodian Victor Lawson sanitizes a classroom with an electrostatic sprayer. Image courtesy of GISD

Those Kids Were Kung-Flu Fighting

GISD recently purchased two handheld Protexus Electrostatic sprayers and sanitizing machines to disinfect buildings with an emphasis on surfaces and objects that are touched often such as desks, countertops, doorknobs, computer keyboards, faucet handles and toys. “We spray campuses in the evenings when no one else is in the building,” said GISD Operations Director Donald Patrick. […]

The Singing Cadets from College Station celebrate 114-years of touring the world. Image courtesy of Student Affairs, Texas A&M

Singing Cadets Will Make Greenville Stop

The Texas A&M Singing Cadets are internationally known as the “Voice of Aggieland”. The Singing Cadets are Texas A&M University’s premier men’s chorus. The cadets are in their 114th touring season and are finishing up the winter tour.  They have performed at over 100 concerts this year throughout Texas and […]

The Texas Police Chiefs Association will recognize the Greenville Police Department at their March gathering in Galveston. Courtesy image

Police Department Recognized

Public Information Officer, Cathy Lucas, reports, “the Greenville Police Department has retained “Recognized Status” for Best Practices Recognition Program of the Texas Police Chiefs Association”. Greenville PD earned the initial certification on February 19, 2014, and was the 93rd agency in Texas to attain that status. On February 1, 2018, […]

Three days remain until the Greenville presentation of Shattered Dreams takes place. File image by Jim Satterwhite.

The Day the Dreams Died

“Shattered Dreams” is an educational experience that shows us of the dangers associated with drinking and driving. It reminds us that too many young lives have already been lost and countless others severely impaired because of the tragic consequences of underage drinking combined with driving. It’s about living and dying. […]

Citizen Steve Ramsey caused the participants to chuckle when he said, "my wife is the queen of recycling". Image by Jim Satterwhite

Greenville City Council Gets an Ear Full

Once again, the Greenville City Council sat down and faced a bee hive of concerned citizens.  The issue brewing is city trash collection vendors servicing Greenville.  Several councilpersons were concerned that twice a week pickup would cause more wear and tear to city streets. Two council persons, Brent Money and […]